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You must be thinking to yourself, how could this be? It’s hard to believe, and for a professional business website to be claiming this, it is insane!
I understand…
but let me explain!

Allow me to first say a few things:

Here I will talk about a few concepts. These are important concepts, and the most important of them are:

You must’ve heard the saying, “There are two certainties in life!

Death and taxes!?”

So, let’s talk about taxes! What do taxes do to your money?

Isn’t it true that taxes take away your money, and you’ll never see it again (for the most part)? Sort of like death!

As if your money dies, your money disappears, goes away when it turns into taxes, stops working for you, and you’ll never see it again. Basically, you could say that “taxes kill your money”, right?

Of course, as responsible professionals, we all feel accountable to our country to pay our share of taxes. We know that this money is necessary to pay for the necessities of the government and the infrastructure of our great nation. I am sure none of us have any problem with that. However, as executives and professionals, on the other hand, we also understand that it is unwise to pay more than our share of taxes carelessly. It is our responsibility to intelligently find ethical and legal means to minimize our legal tax obligations so that our businesses and financial futures remain secure. We all strive to assure our families that they are doing well, generation after generation. To build generational wealth, we need to have a long outlook. And here, I propose to approach our finances with that concept in mind. An approach made of the combination of full-spectrum time, 360-degree responsibility, and executive brilliance.

However, before we go further, let’s clarify a few things here. We all know that each year, we pay “income taxes”, which are a tax on our “income”. 

If we do not “earn money”, we do not need to “pay taxes on it”.

Free Money:

Now let’s talk about how we are going to get free money!

I have a question for you. What is the return on investment (ROI) of a $1 that doubles? 1 to 1, right? What is the rate of return if this happened in one year? 100%, right? In one year, your $1 became $2! That is like a bank paying you an annual rate of return of 100%! What if $1 in one year doubled twice? OK, so if a dollar that you invested initially doubles a second time in one year, meaning you reinvest the $2 that resulted from the doubling of the first dollar, and then it doubles again, what is the return on that? Well, it is no longer a dollar, right? Now you had two dollars, which doubled. Right? So now you have four dollars, right? Now, it means your $1 has become $4. The return on investment is 4 to 1.

This means with a $1 initial investment, you now have $4, and it is written as an ROI of 4 to 1. If this happens in one year, it is an annual rate of return of 400%. What if this continued to occur for 30 years straight, year after year? How much would you have, and how would things look if you let this money keep growing for 30 years like that? Is just one $1 investment growing like that for 30 years straight? Would you say that it is a great investment that would turn into a mind-boggling asset with an incredible return on investment? What if this investment is in your own business, creating that kind of return for 30 years straight?

The point is that a good investment, if you do not remove it and it keeps on growing, grows exponentially, and it eventually becomes a huge amount of money.

Now, what if we removed our initial $1? What would happen then? Do you see where I’m going with this?

Now, let’s talk about what I learned in business school that blew my mind, and I could not believe it when I heard it! You have heard the saying that the super rich get richer, right? You’ve heard this over and over again, but why is that? It is because they play by certain rules that they learn from their families, from other rich people, or from super experts they pay tons of money to. Yes, certain key pieces of information are so powerful that they can make you a lot of money. The secret to the massive financial success of the super-rich is their financial knowledge, and they continue to grow in worth by following certain business rules! A great number of wealthy individuals are born into wealthy families and grow up in the same environments where other wealthy kids grow up and hang out with other wealthy people! They usually learn these business secrets from their fathers, who in turn learn them from their fathers (remember the book, Rich-Dad, Poor-Dad!). That is how they usually keep growing wealthier each generation and keep their secret financial formulas in the family, like the Rothschilds. In short, they know certain things that we don’t, right?


So, remember the $1 investment question above? We invested $1 of our own, and it doubled twice in one year! It was growing exponentially, and as you left it alone, the money over 40 years became a massive amount of money, right?

Let me ask you this: what if you invested nothing of your own and instead found a dollar on the ground and invested that? In addition to this, of course, there is that second part that I mentioned above, right? So, you put that in too. Do you see where I’m going with this? What if you left it all in? We now have several choices, according to the formulas. One is that you can leave the whole thing in. That will give you a massive, mind-boggling return on investment, right? The other is that after a while, according to the above example, you can remove it! Right? The third option is that you can now exponentially expand your growth opportunities, as the super-rich do, right? And that is the secret, because it makes clear sense, right? You worked out the math, and you know what I am talking about, right?

We can assess what is going on in your business right now, optimize it, squeeze every penny in the form of profits out of it, and then do exactly what I described above (in cooperation with your CPA, of course). Of course, everything I am mentioning here is the main structure of the formula and its basics. There is a whole lot more to it, but it would get too complicated to mention if I were to go into it all here. That is why it needs to be incorporated into your business in consideration of your specific situation and the details. It would be navigable from time to time as your business’s situation changes, but never mind all those details right now. Leave those to American Elite and your CPA.

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