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Dr. Daniel Davidson

A Business Engineer, Executive Administrator with Extensive HealthCare Background

A tenacious, loving, and energetic photographer who enjoys grabbing his camera and running out to take some photos

About Dr. Daniel Davidson

He is a  seasoned and highly experienced Career, Executive, Relationship-Life Coach with decades of experience.He have several degrees including an MBA, PhD and DBA in business administration. He is also have an MD and an ND degree. He have helped tens of thousands of people in his career.
He specialize in helping his clients during their most difficult times when they are facing serious decisions which would have tremendous impact in their life. He help these individuals make the most effective, appropriate and beneficial decision that would add tremendous value in their life long term.
As an experienced and seasoned life coach who helps his clients by aligning their psychological mindset and spiritual beliefs in order to help create life success for them; my focus is in creating positive results. As in everything He do, in coaching also He am very result oriented.
Additionally he am a Business Leadership Coach as well. He specialize in streamlining the established businesses and coaching entrepreneurs in overcoming various obstacles by making the correct decisions in every stage of their business development, all based on management science and first-hand experience. It is my specialty to coach entrepreneurs so that they can create a great fully functioning business that makes them money and affords them a great quality of life wherein they can also achieve all the other life-plans they have set for themselves.