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American Elite Jessica

American Elite Certified Leadership Coach & Certified Life Coach

A Tenacious, Loving, and Energetic Leadership Coach & a Certified Life Coach, Jessica's Message to the World as a leader is HOPE!

About Jessica Davidson:

Jessica Davidson is the Director of Leadership Coaching Department of American Elite Global Solutions.

Known as American Elite Jessica, she is an American Elite Certified Leadership Coach and Certified Life Coach, qualified to provide Leadership Coaching services to the clients of American Elite Global Solutions, in the areas of personal development, leadership skills, confidence development, life-habit formation, life-standards, life-plan setting, and much more.

Through this particular platform, we provide clients with American Elite Certified Leadership Coaches and Life Coaches who are qualified to provide self-help, leadership skills to those who wish to enhance their lives. 

American Elite Jessica is an American Elite Certified Leadership Coach and an American Elite Certified Life Coach. It has been said that: “If you listen to American Elite Jessica’s podcasts or watch her videos, you can’t help but reach the conclusion that she is truly a phenomenon. A female version of Anthony Robins in Kim Kardashian’s Body with 1000 times their charisma and charm combined!”

She is the type of leader who is a true contribution to her extensive following, and as a Certified Leadership and Life Coach, she is an asset to the life of her mentees. 

Jessica directs the American Elite Leadership Coaching Department. Under the directorship of Jessica, the department provides Leadership Coaching,  education and consulting to the clients of American Elite, Globally.